Project history


The project emerged as diploma work at the Curatorial Studies division of the Jagiellonian University. Our goal was to prepare an exhibition and the accompanying programme, which in the process allowed us to practice the art of decision-making and compromise. We soon found that our common interest is Europe - cultural communication, social and political transformations and their effects.

Agata Chinowska, born 1979, Hungarian philology MA (UW)
Marta Moraczewska, born 1979, English philology MA (UŁ)
Olga Peczyńska, born 1980, art history MA, museum studies (UMK)
Renata Rusnak, born 1974, Ukrainian philology MA (UJ), translator
Monika Weychert Waluszko, born 1972, Polish philology MA (UMK), culture studies specialist, art manager, curator; maintains the Dla… Gallery

Wyspa Institute of Art

Since September 2004, the Wyspa Institute of Art, in the grounds of Gdańsk Shipyard in the building of the former Basic Shipbuilding School, has been the home of the Wyspa Progress Foundation, an innovative artistic organisation combining the presentation of contemporary art with deliberations on the shape of social culture.

Curatorial Studies


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