first voices

The artists taking part in the Patriotism Tomorrow show, participants of the round table, as well as all other interested parties are invited to help us answer the following question:

What will patriotism be like tomorrow? How does this term and its definition evolve?

Emil Brix (Austria)

Ruth Fruchtman (Germany/Poland)

Galeria Rusz (Poland)

Ryszard Górecki (Poland)

Łukasz Gronowski (Poland)

Zsolt Keserue (Hungary)

Artur Klinov (Belarus)

Valzhyna Mort (Belarus/USA)

Alexander J. Motyl (USA)

Maksim Osipov (Belarus)

REP (Revolutionary Experimental Space: Olesya Khomenko, Mykyta Kadan, Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Lada Nakonechna, Zhanna Kadyrova, Ksenia Gnylytska; Ukraine)

Bruno Steiner (C Studio; Switzerland)

Twozywo (Poland)

Other opinions:

Iza Kowalczyk, art critic, Poland

Joanna Pawluśkiewicz, writer, Poland

Janek Sowa, journalist, critic, Poland


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